Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Beekeeper - Week 1

I've been working on the border this past week.  Here is my progress.....

Pattern - The Beekeeper
Designer - Plum Street Samplers
Stitched on 35 ct Natural Northern Cross linen using Weeks Dye Works floss

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Starting Something New

Last night I started working on a new design by Plum Street Samplers.  I'll be posting weekly updates. So for a starting point, here is what I accomplished last night.....

Pattern:  The Beekeeper
Designer:  Plum Street Samplers
Stitched on 35 ct. Natural Northern Cross linen using Weeks Dye Works floss

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Handmade......The Sequel

Earlier this month I posted photos of several handmade gifts that I had received from friends over the holidays (click here if you missed that post).  Yesterday I received a card from a teenage friend who is also an incredible artist.  She enclosed this drawing.  

What a surprise!  Thanks so much Elizabeth.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Wow!  Has it really been 6-7 weeks since my last blog post?  Guess I was busy getting my Christmas craft on!  I do have a few blog posts scheduled to show some of the handmade gifts that I made.  BUT, this post is dedicated to three of my fellow crafters and the awesome handmade gifts that I received from them.

I must start out sharing all of the cute handmade things that I received from my bestest crafting buddy, Cheryl (take a look at her blog here to see how crafty she is).  Cheryl made me a "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" ornament.....out of a paint stirrer stick. The paint stirrer was cut down to about 4-5" and "distressed".  A wire hanger was added to it.  Next is a cute little wool Christmas tree - complete with a red jingle bell and a clothespin base.  And what is that next to the tree??? Why it appears to be a jar with a few Oreos in it.  I'm almost positive the jar was full of cookies when Cheryl gave it to me.  I bet those crazy cats of mine have been eating my cookies!!!!!  Cheryl painted the jar lid red and wrapped it with red and white baker's twine.  She painted the lid insert with chalkboard paint.  The "yum" handwritten sentiment is right on target!

But wait........Cheryl had even MORE handmade gifts for me.  A really cute white yarn wreath ornament and a tree made out of pages from a book.......I love it!  And to complete her gift, she made my Christmas card......a Christmas tree made from music paper!

Most people know how much I like love cookies.  Take a look at this *adorable* chocolate chip cookie keychain that my friend Keri made for me!  Nom nom nom nom.........

And last, but by NO means least, is the sterling silver squirrel charm that my friend Melita made.  The photo is not the best.  The squirrel is holding an acorn.  I will be adding this charm to my charm bracelet.  Each of the charms on my bracelet has special meaning or a story behind it.  This sweet squirrel charm not only has special meaning because Melita handmade it for me but there is also a story behind the squirrel and acorn.  I'll write more about that in a future post.   I also am including Melita's business card in the photo.  I'm sure you will agree that it takes a very crafty person to make jewelry like Melita does but take note.......she made the business card too......out of birch wood!  When I grow up, I want to be as crafty as Melita.  If you would like to see more of Melita's work, you can click here.

Did any of these handmade gifts get you thinking about making some gifts for the special people in your life?  Now is the time to start!  You have a little over 350 days left until Christmas 2015.  What are you waiting for........get your craft on NOW!