Monday, January 15, 2018

My Stitching Project List for 2018

A fellow blogger, Pat @ Southpaw Stitcher, recently posted her stitching goals for 2018.  Hmmmmm, I thought, that sounds like something I should do.  So, without further ado, here are the projects that I will be working on during 2018.  Some were started earlier this year, some were started in 2017, and some were started so long ago that I can not even give you an approximate date.  

First up is a project that I just started last week.  I came across the pattern while I was looking thru my pattern stash.  I knew that it would be a quick and easy stitch.  I did deviate from the called-for linen color and thread.  I am stitching this piece on 35 count Weeks Dye Works Blue Jeans linen using Curry over-dyed sampler thread.  I am almost halfway done already!  

Next up is a cute little pattern that was given to me by a sweet friend.  A pumpkin-shaped wood frame and 2 wood button embellishments were part of the kit.  I started this last fall but it got put aside while I finished up Christmas ornaments (that is another blog post).  I resumed stitching just this past weekend and it is also going very quickly.  This pattern is being stitched on 36-count linen using most of the called for DMC.  I did substitute Dried Thyme sampler thread for DMC on the flower stems/leaves.

That same sweet friend also gave me this Mill Hill "Cat in the Box" kit.  This will be stitched on perforated paper and uses both DMC threads and Mill Hill beads.  I have not started stitching this yet but it is on my 2018 stitching goal list!

This "Me & You" sampler pattern by La-D-Da was started last spring.  I am stitching it on 55 count Kingston ivory linen using DMC.  Due to the size of the linen, I need bright, natural light while I'm stitching this.  I worked on it quite a bit last spring/summer while sitting on the front porch swing; however, with current temps at 20-40 degrees, this project is pretty much on hold until I can sit outside and stitch.  

This project here, Acorn House Pin Drum by Heartstring Samplery, has been getting the most attention over the past few weeks.  I started it right before Christmas and I am 80% finished.  There is some stitching left to be done at the far left and far right (you can see where I have just started stitching at the far right).  Once I finish stitching, I will be making it into a pin drum as shown on the front of the pattern.  This will be my second pin drum.  This kit was one that I received as a member of Dyeing to Stitch's 2017 Ladies Prim Society.  

I have also been working on another project designed by Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery (she also designed the Acorn House Pin Drum shown above).  I started stitching this in August 2015!  It kinda got pushed to the back of the WIP stack and stayed there until last month when I decided to start working on it again.  I'm stitching on 40 count linen (the pattern called for 32 count) using the called-for Sampler threads.....aren't the vivid colors of the threads absolutely gorgeous?  I still have a long way to go on this project.

I think I started this candle mat project in December 2016......thinking that I could get it stitched as a quick Christmas gift.  Well, let's see.  It is now January 2018 and it is only about 20% finished!  This design is by Prairie Grove Peddler.  I have several of these candle mat patterns; however, this is the first of them that I have started stitching.  They would make cute little gifts.  I'm stitching on 28 count linen using both DMC and sampler threads.

And finally.....I have been working on this (or maybe I should say NOT working on this) since circa 2004.  I attended a stitch retreat many moons ago and Maureen Appleton was one of the teachers.  She does beautiful work.  She had several of her designs on display along with the patterns for sale.  This design is the 4th in her Coverlet Series.  The pattern calls for the coverlet to be stitched using dark green DMC.  I am stitching mine with a dark red DMC (815) on 32 count natural Glenshee Scottish Linen.  The stitching is done using 1 strand of DMC over 1 linen thread.  It is difficult to show in the photo how tiny this piece will be when completed.  While it will be approximately 13 1/2" long, it will only be 1 3/4" high.  I had not worked on this project in years; however, I found it in my WIP stash several months ago and have started stitching on it again.  It is tedious work so I can only stitch on it a little at a time.  We'll see how much I can complete during 2018.  

That concludes my list of 2018 stitching goals.  I have left off a few projects that I have in mind as they will be gifts and I do not want to spoil any surprises.  I am sure that I will start new projects as I finish those shown above.  I'm not much of a consistent blogger but I will try to post updates (maybe quarterly?) to show any progress made on my 2018 stitching goals.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

11th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange - The Big Reveal!

Stephanie over at The Enchanting Rose recently hosted her 11th tea cup/mug exchange.

While this is the 11th exchange that Stephanie has organized, it is the first time I have participated.  When I signed up, I indicated whether I was interested in a tea cup or mug (I chose mug.) and I also gave some personal information, such as hobbies, favorite color, stuff like that.

The person that I was assigned to send a mug to was Ida.  I found her a cute bird mug and a few other "goodies" and mailed the items off to Walla Walla, WA.  If you want to see what she received, you can take a look at her "reveal" blog post here.

Kris, who blogs at Lavender Quilts, had my name assigned to her.   Here is a picture of the lovely gifts I received from Kris.........

The mug that she sent was so pretty.  Take a closer look. 
  See the cute bee flying around the lavender flowers?  Well, take a look inside the mug........
  Kris also sent me some "made in Oregon" gifts, such as yummy cranberry jelly beans and cranberry blood orange black tea.

A cat cross-stitch pattern, handmade doily, and a book was also included in my package of goodies.  Kris' sense of humor was evident by this gift that was included in my package.....
  WAX LIPS!  😂😂😂😂

Thanks again to Kris for all the gifts and to the exchange hostess, Stephanie for making this a fun exchange.  

Saturday, November 4, 2017

November FNwF

Can it be November?? Already??????? Really??????

It is time for FNwF or Friday Night with Friends.  Stitchers from all over the world "get together" on the first Friday of the month for a bit of stitching.  It's been a couple of months since I have been able to attend FNwF so I have a few things to show you.  At the September FNwF, I was just starting to stitch a fall-themed piece by Little House Needleworks as part of a two-month SAL.  I actually finished two fall-themed Little House Needleworks projects during the SAL.  So let me show you those.

Little House Needleworks Autumn Sampler - I have a small wood tray that I am going to use for "framing" this piece. (Side note - I no longer need this pattern so I am selling it for $5. If you are interested, please leave a comment or email me.)

Little House Needleworks October - This finished piece was "framed" with a 7x7 wood box.

With these finishes behind me, I decided to work on some WIPs for November FNwF.  

A friend gave me this cute pattern that has a wood pumpkin "frame" and buttons for finishing.  
There really isn't a whole lot of stitching.  Here is my progress on this piece....

The kit also includes a strip of floral cotton fabric that goes at the bottom of the stitched area.  I'm stitching this on 36 ct linen using 1 strand of DMC and Sampler Threads.

I'm also working on this cute piece by La-D-Da - Big Red House.

I actually won the pattern (it is signed by Lori M.) several years ago from Norden Crafts' Facebook page.  I had put the pattern away, totally forgetting about it......that is until the "memory" popped up in my FB feed.  I had posted a photo of the pattern after I won.  When I saw the photo, I decided it was time to start stitching it!  I had to search through my ever-growing stash to find the pattern!  I'm stitching it on 32 ct Straw linen from Weeks Dye Works using most of the called for sampler threads.  

Hopefully I will have a finish to post at December FNwF.  I am also working on some Christmas things but those will have to wait until January FNwF to "reveal" those so not to spoil any surprises.  

Alrighty........what are you stitching?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Fun Exchange Goodies

Chrissy over at Keeping Home hosted a Fall Fun Exchange which I participated in. Last week I received a package from Rosana who had my name.  Take a look at my fall surprises.......

Pretty dish towels and wash cloths, pumpkin plates and matching napkins, and an adorable hand painted pumpkin.  

I sent fall gifts to Chrissy.  Want to see what she got?  Take a look here.

What a fun way to start off Autumn and to make some new friends.

I also recently participated in a teacup/mug exchange which I will be telling you about soon!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

September FNwF

Time for September's virtual stitch 'n chat.....also known as Friday Night with Friends (FNwF).  The last FNwF that I "attended" was July.  I was working on a Plum Street Sampler piece then.  I have since finished it.  Let me show you a picture before I tell you what I am working on for September FNwF.

Plum Street Samplers 'Fraktur Friends'

I love the way it turned out.  Not sure if I am going to frame it.  I may finish it into a pin cushion.

Now, let me tell you a little about my current project.  I joined a Little House Needleworks/Country Cottage Needleworks Autumn-Themed SAL on Facebook.  Our start date for the SAL was September 1.  Here is the project that I've chosen for the SAL.

This has been in my stash for a number of years.  How convenient for the SAL to begin on the same day as September FNwF!  Here is my progress so far..........

Hopefully by the time October FNwF rolls around I will be able to show this as a "completed" project.  If I get this project stitch fairly quickly, I plan on doing a 2nd fall-themed project since the SAL will not end until November 1.

How about you? Got any fall-themed projects going on?

Saturday, June 3, 2017



On the first Friday night of each month, Cheryl over at Gone Stitching invites crafters of all kinds (cross stitch, quilting, needlepoint, etc) to a stitch 'n chat.  She calls it Friday Night with Friends.  Sounded like fun so I signed up.  Did I mention that Cheryl lives in Australia?  Did I mention that I did not have to make the 13-14 hour flight to Australia to attend this event?  You guessed it......a virtual gathering of crafters.  I actually had plans on Friday night so my stitching happened during the day.  Here are some photos of what I worked on......

This piece has been a WIP for at least a year.  I stitched the border and '1808' shortly after getting the pattern and then abandoned it.  I happened across it a few weeks ago and decided that I needed to move it to my "actively stitching" pile.  

Plum Street Samplers - 'Fraktur Friends'
(Exclusive design for Silver Needle's 2016 Circle of Friends)


And then.....drumroll, please......I have a finish to show you.  Heartstring Samplery's Stars & Stripes Forever Stocking Ornament #3.  Another exclusive design....this time for Dyeing to Stitch 2017 Ladies Prim Society.  It is stitched on 35 ct linen.  I stitched it using the called-for threads.....including silver and gold metallics.  I do not like stitching with metallics but I must say that it did make the fireworks "pop"!  

First is a photo of the stitched front and the cute cotton backing.


And then a photo of the assembled stocking.  

                     The stocking is approximately 6" long.

Thanks for stopping by.  If you want to join July's FNwF event, keep an eye out for Cheryl's sign up blog post near the end of June.  

Monday, May 22, 2017

Fancy Works Stitch Retreat 2017

Fancy Works is a cross-stitch shop in Bloomington, IN.  Several weeks ago I attended the Fancy Works Stitch Retreat which was held at McCormick Creek State Park located in Spencer, IN.  

I signed up for two finishing classes that were taught by Vonna Pfeiffer.....also known as The Twisted Stitcher.  The patterns for the two classes were emailed to class participants several weeks prior to the retreat so that all stitching could be completed ahead of time. The first class project was a Christmas ornament finishing class.  Here is a photo of the finished project......
Happy Hearts by Little House Needleworks

       And back....  
  Cute, isn't it?

In the second class, the finishing technique that we learned was flat-fold.  This type of finishing allows a piece to be displayed standing up.  Take a look

          Flag Maker by Notforgotten Farm

In addition to taking these two classes, there was lots of time for stitching on WIPs and/or new projects.  Many tables were set up in the stitching room.

There were also patterns and stitching supplies for sale.....just in case us stitchers needed more stash (never enough stash!).

Here is where I sat (that's me in the blue with my back to the!) along with my 5 table mates.  Looks like fun, doesn't it.

Here's what we look like without needle, thread, and fabric in our hands.
From left: Carol (my SIL), me, Joyce, Pat , Claire, and Liz

The six of us had a fun time stitching and getting to know each other.  You do realize that stitchers are some of the friendliest people around. 😋  

Here is a project that I started stitching at retreat.This is Black Capped Chickdee from Heartstring Samplery's The Bird Collection, Part III.

I have since finished the above project and will be posting photos in an upcoming blog post.  In addition to working on this, I brought along this WIP Christmas ornament by Little By Little Design Company from an old Just Cross-Stitch annual ornament issue.  As you can see, it is no longer a WIP!

  Stitching is I need to work on the finishing part....which should be a breeze after the retreat class that I took!

The retreat was lots of fun.  We stitched, ate, stitched some more, and visited the Fancy Works shop for "souvenirs".  

Over the past year or two, my stitching has been somewhat sporadic.  However, my interest has been renewed after attending the retreat.  Guess it was "just what I needed"!  The Fancy Works folks put on a great retreat.  All participants came home with lots of goodies!  Plans are being made for a 2018 retreat and I'm looking forward to attending!  Wanna go with me?