Monday, May 2, 2016

We Have A Winner....And Another Winner....And Another Winner....And Another Winner!!!

Gee, only 4 comments to my last post????? Come on people.....did you not read the part about a GIVEAWAY????????  Oh well, if the 4 commenters are like me, they are probably glad that the comment response was small - better the chance to win!  

The grand prize winner was CalamityJr with the following comment......

I've always loved pretty note cards and unusual stationery, too, but other than birthday and Christmas card notes, I think my last "real" correspondence was a year ago when I retired. I do send lengthy emails to my best friend and cousin. Maybe I need to win your giftaway and get busy writing again!

But wait!!!!!!!  I love it when people leave blog comments AND I love to send snail mail.  So.......I am going to send runner up prizes to the other three ladies that left comments - Cheryl Hutcherson, KimM, and Justine.

Congrats to all and be sure to brighten someone's day with snail mail!