Monday, January 16, 2012

Tom's Birthday Card

Tom celebrated his birthday last Friday.  I don't know about other card crafters but I think it's difficult to come up with a masculine design for birthday cards.  Maybe it is because many of my supplies (paper, stamps, embellishments, etc) lean toward the feminine know, pastels, flowers, cutesy stuff.  So, months ago when I came across a sheet of "Target Practice" (Play Date collection) by Jenni Bowlin, I immediately bought it and added it to my paper stash!  I knew that I would use it somehow in crafting a card for Tom.  Without further ado, let me post a picture of the finished card....

The Target Practice paper was used for the middle part of the card front.  The gun-related items above and below the target paper are just color copies of pictures from gun books and boxes of ammo.  After getting all the pieces situated where I wanted them, I glued them to the front using my handy dandy adhesive tape.  The card still needed a little something so I inked up my brayer using Tim Holtz Tea-Dye distress ink and rolled the brayer over the front of the card several times.  It was my first attempt at using the brayer so I did practice on a scrap sheet first.  I didn't want the ink to be too heavy. 

I "embellished" the front of the card with two fake bullet holes going thru the middle target.  I knew that real bullet holes would not stop after going thru the front of a card so............the bullet holes also went thru the inside greeting.  I had already decided upon a related inside greeting so the bullet holes inside just added to the theme.  The inside greeting????? how about "Have a sure shootin' birthday" with the bullet holes going thru the two "O's" of the word shootin'.  I used alphabet stickers for the inside wording (actually had enough from one alphabet sticker set to use for the entire phrase).  I used the Tea-Dyed distress ink on the inside also around the bullet holes.  I may be a girl but I do know that there would be some powder residue around a bullet hole!

Now for a pic of the inside............

Needless to say, the birthday card was right on target (no pun intended) - Tom loved it! 

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