Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Holiday Cards

Halloween is right around the corner. Here is a cute Halloween card that I made last year.

This is such a simple card to make. I used supplies that I had in my "stash".....pumpkin sticker, orange/white ribbon for bow, orange/white gingham paper for bottom greeting, 2 orange buttons and a clear "trick or treat" sticker. You could also stamp a Halloween greeting on the gingham paper.

And here is one that I made for Thanksgiving last year:

The base is orange cardstock. I cut a strip of thanksgiving paper using pinking shears and adhered it to the cardstock. I cut out part of a Thanksgiving song (using the pinking shears) and adherred it diagonally on top of the cardstock/thankgiving paper. A clear "give thanks" sticker was placed on top of the song and I topped it off with a cute little bow made from orange metallic ribbon.

I'm a piano player and I LOVE incorporating pieces of music on my cards. I have several old hymnals and songbooks that I use to find "the perfect song" to add to a card. You can find hymnals and music books quite cheap at used book sales and thrift stores.


  1. Your cards are really nice, I like your blog too.

  2. THERE! I followed your blog...ya happy?

  3. I'm sure she's thrilled, JRae! :) Love the music paper!