Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome to My World

Okay, I am going to do this. I am actually going to BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I going to be consistent in my blogging? Let's just say that every January I start journaling and.......

I was actually pretty good at it this year. I think the last entry I journaled was July - Nope, sorry, I just looked, it was June 13. That's not too bad and maybe I'll start again tomorrow with an entry that says "finally blogged".

Anyway, this blog will mainly be about card making projects that I am doing or cross-stitch that I am working on with a random book review thrown in every once in awhile. That should explain my blog name "Paper and Fabric and Books...Oh My!"

I am somewhat unorganized in my craft supplies. While looking for supplies to "embellish" a card, I found this

How cute! An ornament cut-out! (BTW, it is propped up on my *new* Thirty-One Expand-A-Tote) I started looking for scrap strips of Christmasy-colored paper which I used to cover the back. Adhesive was applied on the back of the white cardstock, the colored strips were placed face-down (diagonally) to the back of the white cardstock. Once that was done, I added a little ribbon "hanger" to the front of the card and embellished with a diamond gemstone. I used some maroon ink to lightly smudge around the white cardstock and attached the white cardstock to green cardstock. This was then attached to a 4x6 white card. I stamped the word "celebrate" at the bottom using green ink. Here is the finished product...........

I actually purchased a package of these ornament cut-outs at a CKC show at Opryland two years ago. A package of 4 was $1.25. The package had *no* information on it.....like who I bought them from, a website for reordering, etc. BUT.....I've had this business card hanging on my bulletin board for awhile and once I came across the ornament cut-outs, I just *knew* that the business card *had* to be for the vendor who sold these cute cut-outs. Sure enough, I looked at the website listed on the business card and found more of these cute cut-outs. For some reason, they are called "frames" on the website. The website is http://www.designsbydreamer.com/ - some of the info is very out-of-date (such as the page for her "schedule") but it appears that you can still order supplies from the business. And I'm sure that there is a template somewhere that will do this design....but since I don't have a die cutter, I may have to order a few more packages of these.

Oh, to finish off my card, I did stamp "Merry Christmas" inside using green ink. Hope this inspires you to make a handmade Christmas card.

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  1. Yay! You have a blog! I'm so happy!!! Love, love, love the ornament/card! Gorgeous!