Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Around The House

Here are a few more pictures - This first one is my "nostalgia" Christmas table. There's an old hankie with Christmasy flowers embroidered on it, an old skeleton key, some red and green buttons in an old bottle, wooden spools with red and green thread, and a tiny card that says "Christmas Greetings". I don't remember where I "found" the tiny card but you can tell that it has some age on it. And....look at the book on the left - it has a collage of old christmas cards and postcards on it. I found it at Home Goods and it's actually a box that looks like a book.

And then I have my mini tree decorated with lots of Hallmark miniature ornaments.......

............and a Santa table - I found the paper santa (standing by the lamp base) at an antique shop in east Tennessee. The back side has advertisement for a now-defunct Savings and Loan. The other santas are different Hallmark ornaments that I've collected over the years. There is a small santa mug that was in an auction box and lastly, the photo in the back - me and santa (circa 1969).

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