Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Model Stitching

If you have ever purchased a cross-stitch pattern before, you usually will see a picture of the completed design (also known as a model) on the outside of the pattern. The picture lets you see exactly how the design will look once it has been stitched. That means that the design has to be stitched by someone before the actual pattern is published. Sometimes the pattern designer might stitch the design or he/she may have a "model stitcher" do the stitching.
Two or three years ago I started following a blog written by Beth Twist who designs cross-stitch patterns under the name of Heartstring Samplery. I don't remember now how I became acquainted with her blog...I probably linked to it from someone else's blog. Anyway....long story short....I "answered Beth's call" for someone to do model stitching for her. I stitched a sampler for her last year. If you would like to see that sampler (Poppy Maye Russell sampler), you can view it here. Beth also has an Etsy shop that you might like to visit.
This past spring Beth contacted me again about stitching another model. This particular pattern would be stitched mostly in one Why black? Because it is a silhouette. I finished the stitching last month and the pattern has now been released. Below is a picture of the completed design that I stitched. If you check out all the cross-stitch patterns on her blog, I'm sure you'll agree with me that Beth does some fabulous crafting!

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  1. I didn't know you liked cross-stitch! I do too! I'm working on something right now that my mom's friend who has arthritis commissioned me to do :). If you're friend pays for model stitching and needs another model stitcher, I'd be interested, depending on how quickly she would need it done.