Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Here are 2 pillows that I stitched several years ago.

I cross-stitched this Christmas ornament for a friend. I finished stitching it last week. The pattern was in the 2011 annual ornament issue of Just CrossStitch magazine. In the magazine, the ornament was mounted in a mini tart pan. I could not find a mini tart pan so.....I bought a large bottle cap at Archivers. I mounted the ornament on foam board and glued it to the inside of the bottle cap. Cording was glued around the edge and a red ribbon hanger was added. After I took the picture, I did glue a tiny red button to the bottom center of the bottle cap. I knew that my friend liked squirrels so when I saw this pattern, I knew that I *had* to stitch it for her.

This is the second cross-stitch ornament that I have stitched recently. The ones that I stitched were very quick and easy to finish. I would like to continue stitching ornaments throughout 2012 and (hopefully) have a few to put on my tree next year. Wouldn't a tree decorated *only* in handmade items be adorable?

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  1. So cute! Yes, a tree decorated only in handmade ornaments would be awesome. That's my goal for next year too! :)