Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Color My Wednesday



What kind of pink treasures do we have??  

A pink baby pillowcase with embroidered kitten (this was a yard sale treasure...see detail below)

Vintage paperback copy of The Wind in the Willows (check out the closeup shot below....I love the illustrations.)

A postcard with pink heart-shaped flower petals (from a friend)

Another vintage item - a pink teacup and saucer set that I bought years ago in Maine at an antique shop.  When I saw the cats on the teacup, I was sold!  (see detail below)

Two vintage doilies.

A pink paper heart that says "happy february" (from a penpal)

A pink/white ceramic dish given to me about 35 years ago by one of my teenage friends (notice I didn't say vintage since that would also make *ME* vintage!)

A darling pink leather picture frame.  At the time I purchased it my first great-niece, Lexie, had just been born.  I knew Lexie's photo would be an adorable addition to the frame!

This pink-themed post has been much longer than prior "Color My Wednesday" posts.  As you can see in reading over the above list, some of the items have special meaning to me and I wanted to share my treasures with you.  Hope you enjoy!

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