Monday, November 25, 2013

Paper Boxes

My friend, Judy, belongs to a needlepoint guild.  At their last meeting, they actually did a papercraft project - constructing paper boxes out of cute scrapbook paper.  While Judy is crafty in the needleworks area, she isn't quite so crafty in the papercrafts area (or so she says).  Anyhoo, instead of making her paper box, she brought the materials and instructions to *yours truly * to finish.

Since the paper for this project was 1) so cute and 2) not a part of my own personal inventory, I decided to try constructing a box using some of my paper.  If I happen to read the instructions wrong and end up with a lopsided box, I would prefer that it be done with paper from my stash and not with this cute paper that Judy entrusted to me........

Isn't this sewing-related paper adorable?  This particular paper is one-sided so the bottom of box will be made using the thimble paper and the box top will be the needle/thread paper.  How cute is that going to be?

But first, back to me making the box using *my* paper.  I actually used two-sided paper ('Tis The Season from Graphic 45's Christmas Emporium collection); however, I made the box (top and bottom) using one side and used the opposite side to line the box.

Let's see how it looks.  Here is the bottom of the box - 

And a similar looking top (this shows the inside of the box top) - 

To "finish" the top of the box, I added a strip of the inside lining paper and adhered a "joy" sentiment.  Let's see how it looks.....

Cute isn't it?  Okay now so how about the finished box using Judy's papers?  Well, since Tom and I are having Thanksgiving dinner with Judy and her hubby, I have decided that Judy and I will have a little papercrafting lesson after dinner.  I'm sure she will be excited about that ;o) - I will take a photo of the finished box and post it on a future blog....but until then, keep crafting!


  1. Tell Judy not to be scared of's her friend! :) Love the box!

  2. I love your box, Donna! I hope you can show a step by step tutorial on this. I've always wanted to make boxes for Christmas packages and this one is just perfect. I hope Judy will also find her heart in making these boxes because they are just so adorable. More designs please! -

  3. Love the box, really cute.
    You may have to teach me that one. I think it could be used for a lot.
    Have a very Happy THANKSGIVING.

  4. Pretty box! Can't wait see what y'all made after Thanksgiving dinner.
    Thanks for Sharing