Friday, October 4, 2013

Pen Pals

I really don't remember how I "happened" upon her blog.  And since I am a firm believer in the providence of God, I know that ultimately, He led me to her blog.  Yes, God's providence is so very present in not only the BIG things (such as our salvation) but also in the "seemingly" not-so-big things (such as finding a dear friend through her blog postings).

After reading some of her blog posts, it was evident that Amber and I not only shared favorite hobbies (papercrafting, snail mailing, reading) but we also shared a love for Jesus Christ.  

It was about this time last year when I started "visiting" Amber's blog on a regular basis, leaving my comments about her posts and having her respond to those comments that I had left.  So many times she would write a post about a subject that I had recently been thinking about or struggling with. So, coincidence?  If you think so, you may want to re-read my first paragraph.

Anyhoo, Amber ended one of her posts last fall with this statement, "If you are looking for someone to write, my mailbox is always open!"  Well, 'nuff said!  I left a blog comment that I would *love* to send her a letter and (as they say) the rest is history.

Both Amber and I put a lot into our correspondence with each other; our responses are not written in haste.  So it may be weeks/months between letters......which is perfectly fine as I know that we will write each other "at the right time" and the letter will arrive in our mailboxes just when we need to "hear" each other's encouraging words. 

Amber's letter arrived in my mailbox last Saturday.  What awaited in the sealed envelope?  Treasures! A six-page (front AND back) handwritten letter with a bevy of enclosures!  

My favorite enclosure?  A white paper heart with some "random" questions for me to answer.  Why is this my favorite?  When I turned it over, a final question was listed on the back.....

'Nuff said!  


  1. WOW! That is wonderful. Amber is a very thoughtful person. I am sorry I was such a poor penpal writer. My life got crazy hectic and my letters have been far and few between. :(

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  3. Robin, it doesn't matter if your letters are few and far between. I still enjoy reading them.