Saturday, October 12, 2013

Snow Zone!

A while back I blogged about some model stitching that I had done for my friend, Beth, who designs cross-stitch patterns.  (To see that post, you can click here).

Earlier this year, Beth emailed to see if I was interested in doing another model stitch project.  I really had not been stitching much (paper crafts had been occupying most of my time) but was wanting to get back into a more regular routine of stitching so I agreed to do the project.

I finished the piece a few months ago; however, I had to wait until the pattern had been published before blogging about it and showing a picture of the finished product.

Just this week Beth released the pattern which is entitled Snow Zone.  Let me refer you to Beth's blog post where you can see her photo of the finished piece that I stitched.

I enjoyed stitching it and hope you like it.  Makes me long for a wintery day!

While you are checking out Beth's blog, you may also be interested in seeing another  piece that I model stitched for her last was a reproduction of an antique needlepoint basket.  Beth's post about this French Harvest Basket can be found here.

And for all my stitching friends, if you like Beth's patterns as much as I do, you can find them in her etsy shop.  For all of my non-stitching friends - if you want to learn how to cross-stitch, I would be happy to teach you.

Oh.....wondering about the two beautiful pieces in the photo above?  Beth stitched them for me.  The piece on the left is a scissor case (she included a nice pair of scissors) that has a magnetic closure that also keeps my needle secure.  The piece on the right is a scissor fob.....again, a cute little pair of scissors was included.  Don't you just love handmade treasures!

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